Password exhaustion, retirement news, and the weekend

So tomorrow it will be 79 days until I retire.


And holy shite.

It’s a new world for me.

I was thinking the other day, about how many times I’ve had a plot shift in my life!

Change is always scary for me, but it’s also a chance to try new things, and to intentionally scare the willies out of myself by taking chances, by trying out a different path for my life.

I will keep you all updated with gut-wrenching detail about my latest life shift.

And then there’s the heartbleed bug, which has me changing all of my passwords. It’s exhausting, and a real pain in the glutes.

But hey, it’s Friday night and the start of the weekend, so I’m going to quit moaning and start enjoying my weekend.

If you hear a loud annoying noise, it’s my snoring!

May y’all do the same!

the word, and Friday blessings

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  1. You really are counting the days now! I have around 3000 to go.. eeekkkk!

    I changed a few passwords, the most important ones I think!

    Hope you’re having a restful weekend 🙂


  2. thanks Lady Banana! I am counting down, yes! I will work part-time, but am going to take the summer off to play first. I hope you are well!


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