Pajama days

Today is my first pajama day of 2014 <insert a whoop of joy here>!

My decision to make this a p.j. day was initiated by two factors: The air quality in Seattle is poor these days, and my asthma is making breathing a bit more difficult; and I’m experiencing a little medication side effect which makes being close to the bathroom a necessity <ahem>. It is what it is folks.

But pajama days are kind of fun. I don’t have to take a bus to downtown Seattle, or work, or even go outside if I don’t want to.

Just because I’m having a pajama day does not mean I’m going to be passed out on the couch all day.

Here are some of the things I will be doing with my jammies on today:

  • Cooking <ribs with homemade sugar free barbecue sauce in the slow cooker>
  • Cleaning my apartment (bathroom, kitchen, living room duties, laundry)
  • Exercising to my walk at home video
  • Watching football
  • Getting a book review submitted to Pure Textuality
  • Meditate
  • Sipping my 2 cups of French Press coffee

The perks of having a pajama day are endless, but what it really means to me is that I have a day to hang out without makeup <although I’m still wearing perfume, which is as important to me as Ban deodorant>, relax and unwind.

Happy Sunday, and may you all have a day to relax and unwind.


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  1. Just commented and it didn’t post.. so this is a little test!


  2. Ahh it’s working now…

    I was just wondering how you can have a Walk At Home exercise?


  3. it’s a cool DVD, Lady Banana,


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