what the hey, Google? and other random thoughts

WordPress reminded me that I need to post for the week, so here I am.

I have a few things to blather on about, so here goes:

Google, WTF?:

All of a sudden I got a number of emails that did not go into my spam folder; this was in addition to a Gmail chat request from someone named SusieHotPants69 (I said no, naturally). Google has automatically allowed random yahoos on Google+ to send emails to anyone who has a Gmail account (instructions on opting out here. I opted out, of course. And oh yes, Google, BITE ME.

Flu Season:

Lots of Seattle folks are sick, and there appears to be two strains–one a chest cold, the other a stomach bug. I’ve not gotten really sick, but lost a day of work this week to a headache and chills, accompanied by a cough. Yuck.

The writing:

Excited because my story about a super hero Seattle grandma has taken an interesting turn; the best news is I’m writing, and that’s always a good thing.

My laugh of the week:

Came from a Facebook post. The picture, below, of actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, generated some comments from women that blew me away, kept me laughing far into the night. These women want Daryl Dixon’s baby, they mentioned that they looked at his picture and started ovulating, or their ovaries exploded, you get my drift. Love it. Daryl does not blow my hair back, as a sex symbol, but I love him as a hero. He’s an everyday sort of guy, who never made it big in life before the zombies took over but now Daryl is the MAN. He’s the Bilbo Baggins of The Walking Dead.


Finally, I’m going to say once again that my blogging skills have atrophied, thanks to my use of Facebook. It’s so easy to post, and repost, on Facebook. I’m committed to blogging once a week, and that’s an amazing goal for me,m since a few years ago I was blogging every day.

Oh well.

If you happen to read this, and your in the path of all the cold/snowy weather, I hope you are doing okay.

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