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Book description:

When Sarah Carter moves to Boston to escape her past she realizes there’s more than meets the eye with the landlord and her mysterious new best friend. What happened to the owner of this brownstone and what secrets lie within its walls and continue to torment? Witchcraft, curses and timeless love are not what Sarah expected to find, but as she learns more, she wonders is she actually running back to her past instead of from it?

Cursed kept me hooked from beginning to end! For me, a good story is all about the characters. All the characters, especially the villains. And Cursed has a great villain (and no, I’m not going to tell you who that is).
The relationship between Sarah and the deformed Mr. Brown seemed kind of creepy to me, at first. What the heck was going on? But I wanted to know more about Mr. Brown, Sarah, and Sarah’s new friend Zoe. I found the dialogue between the characters believable and natural, keeping the story moving along as it becomes clear what had happened to Mr. Brown. As the suspense (and danger) builds, it becomes clear that Sarah plays a part in Brown’s story.

Sarah is a strong heroine, a trusting young woman who moves to Boston after getting her heart broken over a workplace romance. Faced with a new and confusing situation, Sarah faces danger bravely and learns to trust her instincts. Sarah’s relationship with Mr. Brown is intriguing, and surprised the heck out of me!

Good story, well crafted, with some interesting twists and turns. And Mr. Brown’s brownstone sounds like a (creepy) blast!

I will definitely read more Lynn Ricci books!”

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  1. Thank you for being part of the Cursed tour. I am so glad you enjoyed the story of Mason and Sarah. Hopefully one of your readers will win a copy of Cursed through the rafflecopter posted above and be able to read the book over the holidays with the same excitement and enjoyment you experienced!


  2. Thanks Lynn!


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