RIP Google Reader


It takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it?

I’m still missing Google Reader, but with time (and possibly some grief therapy), I know that I will be able to accept this loss and move on.

For now, there’s the WordPress blog follow, My Yahoo, and subscribing via email.


And I’m aware of my part in GR’s death–thanks to Facebook, I no longer blog as much as I used to. Facebook allows me to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues and people I have not seen in years. Facebook is a fast and easy way to communicate. Now that I’m blogging less, I find posts harder to produce. My brain is not used to crafting quality posts anymore. I’m going to try to do better, post more often, and give my brain more exercise.

I’m finding WordPress a good blogging platform. It’s easy to use, and to stay in touch with other WP bloggers.

In local news, summer in Seattle continues, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, some rain showers, but still quite warm. Mind blowing!

Wishing you all a great weekend.




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  1. I use Feedly as a replacement, it took a bit of tweaking to get it how I liked, but it’s fine now 🙂


  2. Thanks, Lady Banana! I will give this a try!


  3. Nice to read -sorry re: your grief on Reader passing.. .. not sure I ever noticed.. I think I missed something. LOL
    Looking forward to env2- supposed to be much easier than wp.. excitement builds.. as do the summer thunderstorms.. still!


    • Thanks for the comment, Karen! I liked Reader because it was easy to use, organized well, and part of my routine!


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