Happy Labor Day USA



For anyone not living in the USA, I humbly ask for your patience.

Monday is Labor Day, and I need to share with all of you what this day means for me, as an American citizen.

Labor Day, for me, is not about big business.

It’s about the American worker who gets up every day and does some kind of work to live and pay his or her bills.

American workers may, like me, travel somewhere else to work.

Other American workers are able to work from home (I’m salivating with envy).

Some American workers travel hours every day to get to and from their jobs; this may involve dropping children off at daycare or school, then picking them up when the day is finally over.

Other American workers work two or more jobs, often for ridiculously low wages, to feed their families.

But Labor Day is also about people looking for work, sitting at computers, writing resumes and cover letters, researching companies, filing for unemployment, or going to college for more education and training.

This weekend, I’m acknowledging  all American workers for their hard work, their dedication, and their intestinal fortitude.

Happy Labor Day, USA.

Keep rockin’ on, fighting the good fight, whether that means protesting low wages or just finding a job.


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