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Every story must begin somewhere. For the warrior who would come to be known as the

fearsome Red Shadow, the story began in a forgotten glade deep in the land of Tressor. It was

there that a pair of trackers, eager to retrieve a lost slave, instead found an orphaned malthrope.

Had it been a human, it might have been treated with compassion, but in the eyes of human

society a malthrope was a monster, a mix of fox and man believed to be a murderer and thief by

its very nature. The beast was to be sold for a handful of silver, but fate intervened in the form

of an old blind slave named Ben. Under the learned hand of the one human who believed in his

potential, the young malthrope would instead be given the wisdom to take his first steps on the

long journey to his destiny.

The Rise of the Red Shadow chronicles the early life of one of the most mysterious figures of

the Book of Deacon trilogy, the creature called Lain. It tells of his years working and learning

on a Tresson plantation until a dark day of vengeance and bloodshed finally set him free. From

there you will follow as he finds his place in the world, learning what it is to be a malthrope, and

turning to the purpose that will guide him for the rest of his days. It is a story of love, hate, and

lessons hard-learned, revealing the painful choices one must make to become the hero the world


The Rise of the Red Shadow

The Book of Deacon Trilogy Prequel (#0.5)

By Joseph Lallo

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date 7/30/2013

Publisher: Independent

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Joseph Lallo, though having written several novels, is slow to consider himself an author.

Educated at NJIT, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, the world of

Information Technology is where most of his bills are paid. When not crunching numbers, he

owns and operates along with two friends. There he posts random rants and

editorials regarding the world of humor, entertainment, and technology. He makes his home in

Bayonne, NJ, where he has lived all of his life. His novels and short stories are available via


Website | Twitter: @jrlallo | Facebook | Goodreads

Have you ever felt different?

I know I have, many times throughout my life.

But I will wager you have never been as feared, hated, or reviled as the Red Shadow.

I’m a sucker for the underdog, and my heart was broken for the young malthrope right away. But the Red Shadow does not need my pity, for this young creature is a warrior. Red Shadow possesses a spirit to survive that amazed and awed me. As living beings, we all possess good and bad qualities, and Red Shadow is no exception. Pushed to the limits of his physical and emotional capacities, Red Shadow keeps on fighting the good fight, every day. The character of Red Shadow is a hero, gifted and flawed, sometimes having to make decisions that break his heart. But the Red Shadow must do what he feels is right.

This is the first Joseph Lallo book I have read, and I’m hooked. The detail in The Rise of the Red Shadow is exquisite. Elegant, and so detailed that I felt that I was standing next to the Red Shadow, almost a participant in the story, and could see for myself the terrain, smell the blood, see the dragon (YES, we have a dragon in this story, folks) with my own eyes, and feel the Red Shadow’s pain.

The prose in this book is exquisite also:

Grief is like any other kind of pain. No matter how intense or how constant it is, time takes the edge from it. It may not fade, but it loses its sharpness. It becomes the new normal, and eventually steps aside and makes room in the mind for other things.

I read these sentences over and over, just awed by the truth of the words, and jealous that Joseph Lallo was able to string these words together.

All of the characters in The Rise of the Red Shadow are well done, from the old blind slave Ben to the numerous villains. The dialogue is well done, and keeps the story moving along nicely. Again, the detail of this book left me no doubts about the setting of this world, and I was transported to this world, providing a nice break from my own realities (and this is what I hope and pray fiction will do for me, every time I start reading fiction).

Excellent story, well developed characters, elegant detail, amazing prose. 5 stars to The Rise of the Red Shadow (The Book of Deacon).

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  1. I was enthralled by your review..not just the mechanics of the book itself but how it related to your life. So often we toss aside prose, or sci-fi/fantasy as worthless in the realm of human relationships or the knowledge of self…
    I am glad you do not do that. This is one reason I always feel that your views can be valued.

    Thanks Beth, I will look forward to learning and reading more from this gifted writer.


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