Seattle weather –HOT!

seattle weather – Google Search.

It’s not normally this warm in Seattle, so most places are not air conditioned.

87 degrees right now.


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  1. Ohhhhhh that is a bit too hot for comfort. Our weather has been very poor so far, currently 55f with a maximum of 71f today.. which is an improvement, maybe the weather gods have just noticed it’s almost July! πŸ™‚


  2. Lady Banana, I hope you get some better weather!


  3. I think I would spend my day in the cool of the book store, library, mall, movie etc.. I used to do that in Ca. at least my day would be cool even if the nighttime wasn’t. My old trick was to
    spray a bed sheet with bottle of water. (Not soaking just damp)With a fan blowing over me the sheet actually will dry and you will be cool as can be. I only did that when it was 100 degree days though. The sheet dried almost immediately but my body was cool enough to sleep. Hope it doesn’t get all THAT hot there.


    • thanks Carol. It’s going to be 91-92 Monday and Tuesday. Not much here is air conditioned. I’m going to be in Bellevue this afternoon, and part of tomorrow. It’s usually hotter there (: I’m so used to the cooler weather, when it does get hot I’m miserable. It could be worse, though.


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