Book Review: The Witness, by Nora Roberts

I joined a few months ago so I can expand my listening options while commuting to work via bus. I like need to drown out the noise from the bus and my 2-3 block walk to and from work. Hey, I live in Seattle, noise is part of the deal. I’m trying to keep myself limited to one audio book a month, but more about that later.

My May book is The Witness by Nora Roberts. I chose this book because so many book club buddies recommended it. I’m not a big Nora Roberts fan; I prefer the “In Death” series written by N.R. writing as J.D. Robb. And sometimes, I just want to read a book that I know is going to end okay.

But I just loved this story; from the first few pages I was hooked by Elizabeth Fitch’s plight. This audio book is read by actress Julia Whelan, and she does a fine job with all of the voices, even the Russian mobsters.

There is romance in The Witness, but this story is also a thriller. The characters are well developed and interesting, even the bad guys. Elizabeth Fitch is a protagonist not unlike Jason Bourne, highly intelligent and possessing what seems like superhuman abilities.

In an act of teenage rebellion, Elizabeth Fitch defies her controlling mother and hits a trendy nightclub with an acquaintance from school. To say the night ends badly is an understatement, and what happens in the months that follow ends up with Elizabeth running for her life.

Twelve years later, Elizabeth (with a new name and identity, Abigail Lowry) ends up in a small Arkansas town, and her life on the run, the security she has set up around her house, and her heart, gets melted away by the town’s sheriff, Brooks Gleason. Brooks is a worthy romantic hero: handsome, wickedly smart, funny, and determined to get close to this intriguing woman, to learn her secrets. Gleason needs to find out why Abigail’s house is surrounded by state of the art security, why she’s always accompanied by a guard dog the size of a small horse, and why she carries a gun on her hip to buy groceries.

The Witness kept my interest, from start to finish. I found the ending predictable but satisfying and comforting. I felt the ending was rushed, just a bit, but maybe because I did not want the story to be over.

And yes, because I’m a dork, I cried at the end.

4 out of 5 stars to The Witness for a mighty good tale that I’m hoping gets made into a (good) movie.

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  1. I’ve never listened to a book.. I should try it really as I can’t read on my way to work as I walk!

    The book I’m reading at the moment makes me cry every single time I read it..


  2. Just had a look on iTunes at the audio books.. They are SO expensive! Thought I’d give on a try but perhaps not.

    For example Before I Go To Sleep = £14.95 audio, Paperback on Amazon = £3.86


  3. audible books are expensive also, which is why I usually only allow myself one per month. But they do have sales, and I just got a book for $8.00. I pay $14.95 per month on audbile, and it gets me one credit. so I can get a book priced at 35 bucks for 14.95 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Lady Banana!


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