The wild weather week

What a week in Seattle!

First we got snow, then freezing rain! I stayed home Thursday because the sidewalks and streets were a sheet of ice! And it’s been bitter cold.

I’ve been lucky because my power has not gone out; hundreds of thousands of Seattle area residents have been without power for days.

We don’t get a lot of snow in this area (we deal in rain, mostly :). Seattle has around two dozen snow plows, but the main roads were kept clear. The schools were closed most of last week.

Today, Sunday, we have some slush left, but the temperature is going up and we just have rain and wind!

Today, I’m off to buy tomatoes and 21 grain bread, clean house, and finish a book so I can write a review for Pure Textuality.

And tonight, I’m going to watch two of my favorite t.v. programs, Once Upon a Time and Downtown Abbey!

More pictures of our snow:

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  1. I wish we had a bit of snow.. it kind of cheers me up in this long gloomy dull weather!


  2. It was kind of exciting, Lady Banana!


  3. We’re not having a typical winter here at all. Not all that much snow and it hasn’t been too cold.


  4. Keep the fires burning and keep warm .


  5. Will do, Keats! Thanks!


  6. The ice is so much worse than plain ole snow. Even after living in Michigan most of my life, I am not a winter person. I always grumbled about it.


  7. Kathy, we just don’t get that much ice and snow here. It was hard for me, for lots of us, to get back and forth to work!


  8. Dang that looks cold!


  9. Mami, it’s been freezing!


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