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Danny Thomas 100th birthday

Was yesterday, and I’ve been feeling nostalgic since learning this.

I grew up watching The Danny Thomas show.

On black and white television.

There was no internet, no cell phones or Kindle readers, just television and radio.


Me? A Vegan?

So it’s been a rough winter for me.

I got a sinus infection in November that was a real pip to get rid of, and kept me feeling crummy for over a month.

Worse, the infection threw my blood sugars out of whack, not a good thing for me. And I’ve had problems keeping my blood sugars under control since (the holidays did not help, feeling too worn out to exercise, etc., you get my drift here I hope).

So with my blood sugars being high, I’ve been cranky (even more so than usual), tired, and hungry all the time.

My son Jay is eating vegan these days, so I’ve been exposed to information about being vegan, foods, etc.

I tried some vegan recipes, bought Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes, and then started cutting out all meat and dairy products out of my diet.

For real.

And some amazing things happened, within a few days. My blood sugars dropped 20 points in a few days, my energy level peaked (I’m now coming home from work and exercising, completing household tasks), my appetite is under control, and I’m sleeping better.

I also have this marvelous feeling of lightness. Have you ever eaten a heavy meal and felt like there was a lead weight in your stomach? It feels like I’ve had a lead weight surgically removed.

This way of eating is not without its challenges–I’m not a great fan of many legumes–but it’s possible to hide beans in recipes, and I’m eating tofu, drinking soy milk, etc.

This week I’ve thrown away, with great ceremony, the eggs and cheese that were in my refrigerator. I’m not sure what to do with the meat and other frozen foods I’ve got stored. The refrigerator is stocked with veggies, tofu, and rye bread. My cupboards are getting stocked with oats, and wheat flours.

The best thing is that I feel satisfied, at least so far, with this way of eating. My hunger is much easier to control, and the feeling of being full is comfortable, not stuffed to the Magilacooties.

My tummy was a bit upset one night (all the fiber), and my taste buds are asking me what the heck is up–soy milk and tofu have very different textures from meat and dairy products. Dr. Barnard’s book cautions that it takes about three weeks to adjust to the new foods.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, besides work and the usual stuff. I’m making a mushroom barley soup for dinner (pictured below), and will add a salad and maybe a slice of rye bread to round out my meal.

I will probably be passing on some vegan recipes, from time to time, and keeping you updated with gut-wrenching detail!

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