The Ghost Dancers Review

The Ghost DancersThe Ghost Dancers by G.P. Schultz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Ghost Dancers, a story about family, friendship, love, loss, and war.

My favorite books have characters that I would like to know in real life, wish I could know, because they possess the good and bad human traits that make a human being. This adds life to the story , allowing me to get caught up in what’s happening. How do the characters get through the trials that the author is putting them through? Are they changed by the story’s events?

Good story, satisfying end, and I’m wondering what life looks like for the main characters five years after the book ends.

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  1. I wrote this one down to see if I can get it from my library. It sound good to me too. Always room for one more book.


  2. Sounds a good read. I know what you mean about having characters you’d like to know in real life.. I’ve sometimes finished a book and felt I’ve lost a friend!


  3. I hope you enjoy it, Kathy!


  4. That’s a good way to put it, Lady Banana! I hope your cold is better.


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