I went to see Breaking Dawn Part I yesterday, snapped the picture above on my IPhone, right after a group of tween girls took their pictures (mostly pics of Jacob, the dude standing off to the right).

It was kind of fun, and very relaxing.

Something different from my “must work faster” Monday-Friday work mantra.

I found the first part of Breaking Dawn lots of fun, total escapism, and fairly consistent with the book (which is my favorite in the series, as Bella speaks up and learns, by the decisions she makes, that she has her own power.

Breaking Dawn is a total chick flick, and I will be awaiting part two eagerly.

I’m still trying to take pictures with my IPhone, as you can see 🙂

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  1. I read the first book in this series because my daughters had all read them. Not my thing really. It is huge though, that’s for sure. I have read all but the last 2 Stephanie Plum books and look forward to that movie. Not too thrilled with one of the characters though. I’m usually sceptical of the movies when I’ve liked the books. Some have hit the mark well though, so I keep the faith when I new one comes out.


  2. Kathy, Iiked the first and last books. I will watch the Stephanie Plum movie, and hope it’s okay. I love the SP books, especially the ditzy Grandma. And I can’t wait to see Ranger on screen 🙂


  3. My girls love these films, but I’ve not watched them myself..


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