Case Histories | Masterpiece | PBS

Case Histories | Masterpiece | PBS.

A big thanks to Rachel Weeks Bright for reminding me that Jason Isaacs (a.k.a Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies) is p.i. Jackson Brodie in three  Masterpiece  Mystery stories.

Isaacs is so good in this role that I forgot he played Lucius Malfoy, a real stinker of a character.

Jackson Brodie is also kind of a stinker, but he’s a brilliant detective.

Kate Atkinson has written four Jackson Brodie novels; I’ve read the first, Case Histories, and enjoyed the book.

I recommend watching these three stories on PBS; they are very good.

Here’s an interview with Isaacs and author Kate Atkinson:


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  1. I watched the first one and have the others DVR’d. I’m a fan of Masterpiece theater. I had tried to read the first book “Case Histories” and couldn’t get into it for some reason. I did enjoy the program though.


  2. It was a good program, Kathy!


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