Christmas lights and falling leaves

Coldmageddon, day four.

I just got back from a Target Kleenex run, and decided to check out the Halloween aisles (candy, costumes, decorations).

Target’s got oodles of fun stuff for Halloween, in addition to Christmas lights.


Does anyone else remember the days when Christmas decorations didn’t show up on store shelves until the day after Thanksgiving?

Hey, I realize that I was a kid so many years ago that dinosaurs roamed the earth (I’m proud of it!), but it’s too early for Christmas stuff to be out (Christmas tree stands are also available).

Anyhoo, fall has come to Seattle (yeah).

It’s raining, and the wind blew so hard this morning that patio furniture was flying around the courtyard.

I snapped this picture of my favorite tree (I like that it leans a bit to the side, ’cause so do I); I swear the leaves were green last week!

I think that’s all the grumbling I can manage for now; hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.

And if you stop by a Target, check out those Christmas lights and Halloween goodies!

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  1. Why? I don’t like Christmas being promoted to early! This takes away from the Christmas feeling and makes it too commericalized. This causes children to think Christmas is year-round and some are behaving like it. One little tyke (about 3 I would guess) was throwing a tantrum because his mother would not buy something he wanted and he was demanding this for Christmas back in July. He even said you purchased lights (actually for an outdoor party) and to him they were Christmas lights even though they were covered by Japanese style lanterns and had large yellow and orange bulbs.


  2. Bob, exactly! Thanks for weighing in on this issue.


  3. I noticed all the Christmas biscuits, cakes and choccies in the supermarket the other day – way toooo early!


  4. We have a big tree in front of our place. The leaves haven’t started changing but I can tell it won’t be long.


  5. Lady Banana, it’s happening all over, I guess! Geesh!


  6. Teena, I noticed a lot of falling leaves yesterday when I was on my way to work.


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