Time off is schweet

Even if you have a cold.

I slept in this morning, watched a movie (the Jane Eyre 2011 edition), watching the Castle marathon on TNT, drinking tea with lemon, and playing on my ‘puter a bit.

Here’s what Castle is about:

I’ve also had time to check out what’s going on in the world:

Interesting article at CNN Money about Netflix stock taking a dive. This is a surprise?I didn’t give up my Netflix account because of the price–I’ve not been happy with DVD delivery, mainly because any mail service blows these days. So I signed up for the Netflix streaming account. Except the streaming choices were crap all of a sudden. Not a good deal for me! So I beefed up my cable television services and divorced Netflix.

And, if you happen to meet Henry Winkler (aka “The Fonz”) congratulate him on being awarded an OBE from Queen Elizabeth. Henry’s been traveling around the U.K., educating folks about learning disabilities.

Tacoma, Washington teachers, ordered back to work via a court order, just said no and continued their strike..


More tomorrow, I’m sure.

I’ve got to sign off and continue to savor the sweetness of being off work for a few days.

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