Summer Saturday

In summer, the song sings itself. William Carlos Williams

What a beautiful day in Seattle (another one, thanks goodness).

After breakfast this morning, I headed out for Lake City to run some errands. I stopped off at Value Village and picked up some new blouses. I’m still decorating my new apartment, on a budget, and picked up this nifty seriolithograph for $3.99:

I fell in love with this; the artist is Alex Perez, and this framed work came with a certificate of authenticity!

It’s been a beautiful summer, going to be really hot tomorrow, the cool off and be back in the 70s by next week. My neighborhood is always busy, but today there are people everywhere. I guess everyone’s enjoying the warmth.

Now I’m going to check out some blogs, but before I go, here’s a YouTube book trailer from my Twitter buddy
Van Heerling:

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  1. That’s a pretty picture you bought, nice to imagine oneself actually “in it” lol


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