Bones–Season 7 (spoiler)

Warning: The vid below contains a story spoiler!

So you all know that I’m addicted to the television program Fringe.

But there’s another tube tale I love: Bones.

Bones season 7, premieres on FOX November 3.

Yep, we have to wait until November.

The writing is smart and funny, and the characters are a hoot.

Season 6 of Bones disappointed me, just a bit, with a few episodes that made me wonder if Bones was jumping the shark.

Thankfully, the last few episodes were amazing, what I’ve come to expect from Bones.

As for season seven, my confidence is high.

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  1. I used to watch Bones all the time and kind of got away from it. I have heard there is a “new feature” this season. I have never watched Fringe. I am on the edge of my seat for Mad Men though. It was delayed for months.


  2. Kathy, I’ve never watched Mad Men, but I know lots of people who do!


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