30 minutes, every day

Exercise, at least thirty minutes every day. Exercise is like medicine.

That’s what the diabetic educator told me just after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2009.

And dang it, she’s right.

I walk everywhere; thankfully, I live in Seattle, which has great sidewalks and a terrific bus system.

There’s also a walk at home program that I use, a lot.

Leslie Sansone’s one, two, and three mile walks are easy to use. The one mile walk takes about twenty minutes, including cool down stretches at the end. Sometimes when I get home form work I’m so tired I just want to drop into bed, but I can promise myself it’s only twenty minutes out of my day. It’s hard to say no when I’m so aware of the benefits of moderate exercise.

The thirty minutes of exercise daily not only helps keep my blood sugars under control, but helps me feel better. My bad knees don’t hurt so much, my lower back problems lessen, I sleep better, and I have mor energy.

And when I add a few down dogs (shown above) into my daily routine, my sinuses clear up.

Go figure.

So I’m feeling quite well tonight, because it’s been a great day off, and I’ve managed to shake the stress of the work week off by spending time walking outside, doing my walk at home routine, and getting some really good rest.

And I will complete two down dogs before going to bed.

That’s all for now.

Oh yeah, the fourth season of Fringe premieres September 23 🙂

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  1. yeah, Braja!


  2. I tried to get some exercise every day.


  3. me too, Teena. Sometimes it’s hard, after work!


  4. I walk a LOT so hope this constitutes enough basic exercise but I know I really should do something a bit more strenuous.

    I just wish I could encourage my partner to do some, he’s having yet another glucose tolerance test this week – he’s borderline diabetic and I feel some exercise routine might help – but it’s like talking to the wall 😦


  5. Good on you – I must do better even though I am walking more. I am also eating more….


  6. Lilly, I go through periods when I eat a lot; it’s hard to resist sometimes 🙂


  7. Lady Banana, it’s hard to get motivated when you are used to sitting a lot. It took being diagnosed with diabetes to get me out of my chair ): Hugs.


  8. p.s., Lady B., if his blood sugars are running a bit high, he might not have the energy to exercise–I know how I felt. When I started my at home 1 mile walk (15 minutes), I could not finish the workout. I took me some time.


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