The End of Cursive? – ABC News

The End of Cursive? – ABC News.

So–should we still be teaching children cursive writing, or focus on teaching them keyboarding skills?

I say teach cursive, because you never know what could happen.

Let’s say the Internet is unavailable for a period of time; cell phones aren’t working and we can’t text (NO; say it isn’t true).

What will you do if you can’t write legibly?

I will be okay, because when I went to grade school (many many moons ago), we had to practice our cursive skills every day.

Of course, I have to admit that my handwriting is not as legible as it used to be; I spend so much time on a computer these days, at work and at home, that I’m sorry to say my cursive abilities have deteriorated somewhat.

What do you think?

Should cursive still be taught in schools?


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  1. Good handwriting should always be taught, it would be very sad if they just concentrated on keyboard skills.

    Like you my handwriting is not as good as it used to be but I still need to write regularly at work, not everything is on computer! Imagine if you couldn’t even write a birthday or Christmas card!!?


  2. Or sign a credit card slip? Lol! You are so right, Lady Banana!


  3. My handwriting has gotten so much worse since I’ve been using a computer (20+ years) because I rarely have to write anything.


  4. Teena, me too 🙂


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