“Sixkill,” by Robert B. Parker

Sixkill (Spenser #40)Sixkill by Robert B. Parker
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As many of you know, Robert B. Parker died on January 18, 2010.

“Sixkill” is his last book, and it did not disappoint this Spenser fan.

This is Parker at his Spenser best, as the Boston detective mentors a new partner, Zebulon Sixkill (Hawk is out of the country, dang it) and continues to be totally in love with his main squeeze Susan.

I put off reading “Sixkill” because it is the last book by Parker, and that makes me sad. You see, Robert B. Parker helped me through a period of adjustment. In the summer of 2000, I moved from my hometown of Rochester, New York to Seattle. I was off kilter, away from my beloved hometown, in a very large and confusing city. I was looking for a job, so the first thing I did was get a library card at the Bellevue library. Then I hit the mystery section, and just happened to pick a Spenser book. I don’t remember which book it was, but I do remember being seriously hooked. After finishing the book, I proceeded to read the series from the beginning. I had to wait until a copy of “The Godwulf Manuscript” became available, but it was worth the wait. I found a job, started working, and my Seattle life took root. Over time, I’ve learned to love Seattle and consider it my adopted hometown.

And I’ve read every Spenser book that’s been published at least once, some twice, over the years.

So this is it, Robert B. Parker. I’ve enjoyed the last Spenser novel you will ever produce. Apparently writer Ace Atkins, http://www.aceatkins.com/ will be writing more Spenser and Jesse Stone books. I’ll give Ace a chance, but for me it just won’t be the same. Not right away, anyway. Maybe, like adopting a new hometown, I will learn to love what Ace Atkins does with Spenser, Hawk, Susan, Quirk, Rita, all of the Spenser characters, and the references to great literature and quotes (“Hoka Hey! It is a good time to die!” Crazy Horse, http://www.circleofexistence.com/quotes/…).

Every new Spenser novel was true to the ones that came before it; Spenser’s wiseguy dialogue was always witty, his search for the truth always came first.

Thanks for helping me find balance, Mr. Parker, by providing me with good stories and interesting characters.

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  1. I read it last month and enjoyed it. I hate Susan, though .. always have.

    Parker’s passing was a loss 😦


  2. Ah, another Spenser fan. My husband and I have been reading Robert Parker since the beginning, then my middle daughter got hooked as well. He is greatly missed.


  3. Thanks for letting me know you are a fan also!


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