Top ranking black female officer on ‘living fearlessly’ –

Top ranking black female officer on ‘living fearlessly’ –

Brigadier General Marcia Anderson is the highest-ranking African-American female officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. She joined ROTC in college. You may not agree with her path, but please take note  of how she got where she is today.


“Yes, along the way, I encountered people who made snap judgments about me because I was shorter than them, a woman or an African-American. They decided I did not measure up, but I chose to ignore them and believe in myself. My family is full of people who are intelligent, resourceful, strong and stubborn — traits I inherited and I am certain are the reason I have been able to succeed in life and to overcome people who put obstacles in my path.

One of the most affirming moments in my life was the day I was promoted to brigadier general. The look of pride in my father’s eyes is something I will never forget. If my mother had been alive, I know she would have had the same look.

My father served in the Army Air Corps in the 1950s when he was denied the opportunities I have enjoyed. Men and women like him — my mother, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents — suffered disappointments and indignities so that I could have choices and opportunities.

So, this is NOT about me. It is about realizing their dreams. It is about opening doors for others. It is about living fearlessly every day.”

What does living fearlessly mean to you?

I’m with Brig. General Anderson–it means believing in yourself, daring to live your dreams.

Live the dream, and good reading to you.

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