“The Little Sprout,” by The Muse

The Little SproutThe Little Sprout by Muse
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Thanks to my friend The Muse, I was able to read “The Little Sprout” as an eBook.

The artwork is fabulous, the colors rich and pleasing to the eye.

Deep in the Georgia woods, there is a bean tree growing.

Her name is Carrie.

And she’s growing a seed, a little sprout.

Sprout’s a spunky little guy, eager to grow up and embrace life.

How will Mother Carrie help her Little Sprout grow?

“The Little Sprout” is a delightfully rich story for all ages (this grandma has a tear in her eye right now, as her little sprouts are currently into anime, classic literature, and Harry Potter, as well as creating their own works).


Watching a Little Sprout grow is lots of work and lots of fun.

If you have a Little Sprout, especially one with a birthday coming up, this is a great book to buy.

Shucks, I may buy one for myself, on Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/Little-Sprout-Muse…

Thanks, Muse, for introducing me to “The Little Sprout.”

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  1. Looks very cute 🙂


  2. It’s adorable, Lady Banana!


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