“A Family Of Strangers,” by Deborah Tall

A Family of StrangersA Family of Strangers by Deborah Tall
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This is a memoir, recommended by a Facebook friend.

The author, Deborah Tall, http://www.deborahtall.com/, died in 2006.

“A Family of Strangers” is a hard book to read.

Not because it’s written poorly, but because it’s so honest that at times I could feel the same pain that Deborah Tall felt as she searched for the family torn apart by war, illness, and death.

Tall’s father, abandoned by his extended family when his mother died, grew up in foster care and created an adult life for himself that was full of secrets and lies. After his death, Deborah became a detective, determined to track down any remaining members of her family.

As I read “A Family of Strangers,” I thought about what it would mean not to know anything about my family. I grew up on family stories–the family member who came back from World War I and declared if there was another war he would run away. Or how my grandmother survived after losing her husband and two of her sons in less than a year. The family stories keep me company these days as I watch my son age and my grandchildren grow up.

Deborah Tall’s memoir, raw with emotion, is an honest accounting of one woman’s journey to find her family, for herself and for her daughters.

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