Adding YouTube videos to a WordPress blog

This is a test, using a personal favorite.

Hope it works!

And it did!

Sorry about the ads.

It’s really easy to add video:

1. Add a new post
2. Click on the Add Video icon
3. When the add video box appears, click on “from url.”
4. Cut and paste the YouTube URL into the little handy box at the top of the screen
5. Click the “insert into post” icon at the bottom of the add video box and just like magic, you have added a video!

I’m so impressed that this is so easy.

Good thing, considering my WordPress posting abilities 🙂

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  1. I love K.D. Lang. I discovered her when her Shadowland CD came out using Patsy Cline’s producer, I believe. She is soooo smooth.

    Thanks for sending me your link here. I would have missed K.D….


  2. Kathy, thanks for subscribing to my blog! You are so right about K.D.–she’s smooth.


  3. I always had the impression the WP was very (over) complicated!


  4. Congrats!

    I’m still a Blogger.


  5. It’s not complicated, Lady Banana, just very different. I sit here, scratch my head, swear, and figure it out!


  6. Teena, I hear you. thanks for the comment!


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