Mich. author fired from library over book sues – chicagotribune.com

Mich. author fired from library over book sues – chicagotribune.com.

A Ludington, Michigan library employee wrote a book about the patrons in the Ludington library (less than 9,000 citizens in the 2000 census). Apparently, she used the real life library happenings, including the specific quirks of some library patrons, in her book. And the cover of her book has a small picture of the Ludington library.

I guess it was easy for anyone reading the book to figure out which library patrons were being “outed.”

She got fired, and is now suing her prior employee for wrongful termination.

Good luck.

I lived in a small town for years, and trust me, your life is an open book. With thanks to my friend Carol Dee. One point I wanted to make, which somehow got lost in an edit: I don’t understand why this author didn’t make up a bunch of fictional library patrons and situations?

No one has secrets in a small town; the author had to know that she would be found out!

Just my two cents.

Update regarding my switch to WordPress: I can’t figure out how to add one of my own pictures to a post using the “Press This” feature. I was able to add WordPress to the Share button on my Google Chrome toolbar, just can’t figure out the picture issue! Ha!

Anyway, I wish this lady luck in court.

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  1. ..B… My G/F lives there and she says that since she moved over two years ago..that the town is very gossip driven. Everyone up in other’s business. So I tend to believe what she writes BUT..no way she should have used the picture or anythign that would lead people back to her town. I think she should never see a cent!!


  2. I agree, Caroldee. She should have made up stuff, about fictitious patrons.


  3. You think she would have changed things a bit.


  4. I know, Teena!


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