One blog is better than two

It’s been a fun, but really busy, summer.

Besides the stuff going on in my family, work has been busy (as always), so I’ve been on the go every day.

I’ve mentioned this before, we had a July wedding in our family that was lots and lots of fun.

I also moved to a bigger apartment, and was able to move a lot of it myself–my new apartment is close to my old one, on the same floor, etc. Thankfully, I was given two weeks to move my stuff, so I was able to do a lot before the moving company came on Friday morning. My clothes, books, and other personal items were all in my new apartment when my big furniture was moved over.

I’m so proud that I’ve got the physical stamina to pull off such a feat (I could not have done this a few years ago). Since Friday afternoon, when I turned in the keys to my old apartment, I’ve been a slug, getting caught up on my rest and nursing my aching muscles with exercise, long hot baths, and rest.

I’ve toyed with giving up my Blogger blog, Gran Speaks, for some time. I made Gran Speaks private a few weeks ago, just because I needed NOT to obsess about all things blogging for a bit. I toyed with the notion of just deleting Gran Speaks, but in the end decided I did not want to lose all my posts and comments.

So today I imported Gran Speaks to this blog.

Took me awhile.

Actually, I exported Gran Speaks on the Blogger end, then uploaded the file on WordPress, after several import attempts via the WordPress option failed.

So now I have one blog, and that’s just dandy with me. I will be rebuilding my blogroll on this blog, patience please!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

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  1. I’ve been making the slow move to WP as well but I haven’t had any time to read the fine print and all. Good for you, Gran, for setting this all up! It looks wonderful!


  2. I’ve updated my blog list πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks, Rene! I’m on vacation, otherwise it might never have happened!


  4. Thanks, Teena!


  5. welcome to WordPress. I tend to like my blogger acct better than my wordpress one though. I have had wordpress for years and it depends on the theme design you pick as to how complicated it is. Like the set up you have here though and glad you settled on one place.


  6. I’ve discovered the theme design issues, Caroldee. I’ve just had too many problems with Blogger these days; I was not able to access my account some days, etc. Thanks fos topping by; I added you to my blog list. I like this theme also, and will not change it until and unless I have the time to fiddle with the complications a new theme may generate!


  7. Oh I found you!!! :))


  8. Braja, cool! Thanks. I switched to WordPress and am currently experiencing, um, a learning curve! Thanks for searching!


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