Gran knows she needs to turn in early when…

  •  Gran watched the Hindi news channel for 10 minutes before realizing it wasn’t PBS.
  •  The cheese on Gran’s min-meatball sub isn’t melting! Crapola! Oven’s broke! Oops..oven’s not on.
  •  Gran’s clothes are still wet? Great; now the dryer’s broken? Okay. Forgot to turn the dryer on.
And (drumroll please), the top reason Gran knows when it’s time to turn in early IS:
  • Gran falls asleep as she writing this post. As she writing this post? As she’s writing this post..oh brother.
Night everyone!

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  1. Cloudia, I was sleepy!


  2. I have days like that, went to bed 9pm last night and won't be much later tonight.

    Hope you've recovered somewhat! lol


  3. Recovered fully, Lady Banana, after a good night's sleep!


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