1/1 Brian Eno

Thanks to A Cuban in London and Just Stuff From a Boomer, I’m blogging a lot about music these days.

Thanks to the wonders of cable television, I have access to about thirty  cable music stations.

Right now, I’m listening to Brian Eno.

I will probably change the channel sometime this evening, maybe to classical or old time rock and roll.

You never know.

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  1. I saw your new post pop up and I had to check out that name. (Thanks for the shout out too) I'd not heard of Brian Eno. I like it. So peaceful.

    Music can make time travel possible and soothe frazzled nerves. I'm a fan.


  2. I'm so relaxed after listening to music all afternoon, JSFB!


  3. I have not heard of Brian Eno too, but will check him up.

    You are taking up new interests. 😛

    Have a happy weekend!


  4. This sounds like good music to listen to. I think I need to have a listen too.


  5. Eno's music is relaxing, Debs!


  6. EastCoastLife, I'm always looking for new interests! Keeps me young 🙂


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