Take a few steps away from the ‘puter, Gran

It’s totally beautiful in Seattle–warm but not too warm, sunny with a light breeze.

I’ve spent some time outside this weekend, but I’ve also been busy cleaning.

Yep, it’s 33 days until the apartment upgrade!

I gave myself an order Saturday morning–take a few steps away from the ‘puter, Gran.
It feels good to be wearing shorts again, being out in the sunshine, and starting to get my studio apartment in  spic and span shape.

I’m taking  a break right now, watching the pilot episode of Falling Skies, I’ve got a pork chop in my slow cooker, my Monday lunch packed, and my laundry caught up.

I wish you all  a great week, hope the weather’s good and all is right with your world.

And–I thought you might enjoy a little lovin spoonful!

Hot damn, it IS summer in the city, and time to step away from the ‘puter and enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. i hope your weekend was everything you wanted. and if you are truly in shorts this time a year in seattle…the weather must be nice.


  2. Kelly, it's been a beautiful day, and a great weekend! Take care!


  3. I find I spend less time inside (and away from my laptop) when the weather gets nice.


  4. I enjoyed the sun a little too much on Sunday, got a little roasted! It was 47c (over 100f) in the sun!


  5. Summer in the city, for at least a day! But I hear there is more to come as we approach the weekend!
    What'd you think of Falling Skies?


  6. Aerie-el, I liked the pilot, haven't seen the latest episode yet (it's on at 10:00 p.m., Sunday night, and I go to bed early). It's been wonderful to go to work in my shirtsleeves. Happy 4th!


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