Apartment upgrade!

In August 2009, after 10 years of living with other people, I moved into a brand new studio apartment.

I had lots of stuff in a storage unit, remnants of the life I shared with my Mom in a two bedroom/two bath apartment in Bellevue.
The studio was just big enough for my belongings.
But now, after almost two years, I’m ready for a bigger living space.
At the end of July, I’m moving into a one bedroom apartment, not too far from where I’m at right now. 
Thanks to my sweet son, I will have help moving.
I still don’t have a lot of stuff (not by my old standards, anyway), but I’m still collecting things to take to Goodwill!
Do you collect a lot of stuff?
I sure do.
Always have, I guess.
It’s a good thing there’s a Goodwill drop off across the street from my apartment.
So that’s the scoop.
What’s new with you all?
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  1. How exciting! I wish I could move, I've been in my flat for 28 years now – way too long.

    It's too expensive to move unless you own your own property here, the private rents are ridiculous now..


  2. Wow, you have been in your flat a long time! I hired a moving company to move me in here, this move woll be dead easy, because it's in the same building, on the same floor, and my strong son will move the heavy stuff!


  3. I have a box I keep in the back of my house where I continually put stuff for the Goodwill. As soon as that box is full I drop the stuff off and start all over again. It is amazing how much stuff I have even though I always seem to be giving some of it away.

    Congratulations on the move. May you be very happy in your new space.


  4. We have moved a lot due to my husbands job. It never gets easier. With every move I do get rid of more stuff so that's good. I like the Goodwill box idea from Unknown in Miami. Very good idea.


  5. Kathy, Mami's got a great idea! Things gicen to Goodwill get recycled if they can't be sold!


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