How often do you post on Facebook?

Gran wants to know:

  • Do you use Facebook?
  • How often do you post to Facebook?
  • Are you using Facebook more or less in the past few months?
I’ve had a Facebook account for some time.

And I played Zynga games (Farmville and Cafe World mostly).

And I posted once, often multiple times on Facebook every day. I checked Facebook every morning as I sipped my morning cuppa.

And then I started to feel bored by the whole Facebook thing. I’m still interested in all my friends, check to see how they are doing, but not with the same giddy anticipation.

I still read Facebook daily, check on how friends, family, and colleagues are doing. Sometimes I even play the “where are they now” game with myself, and look up people I haven’t seen in years. Not to friend them, just to see if they are on Facebook. I know, lame, right?
Then yesterday, I came across this article from KDAF-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth. Referencing Inside Facebook, this article suggest that Facebook may be reaching its saturation point, that membership numbers are running between 12-14 million addicts monthly instead of its usual 20 million per month (that’s still a lot of Facebook fans, Dudes, and Facebook says it ain’t so).

Why would numbers be down?

The KDAF article is not scientific at all, interviewing two people, one who doesn’t care for social media and the other who’s afraid she’s sharing too much of herself online. She’s creating a Twitter account so she can share herself in 140 characters or less.

Anyway, back to my questions.

Are you using Facebook? More, less, or about the same?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Got into Facebook a few months ago after some deliberations.I just do a quick check but not doing much.Blogging is more up my street. Everything takes time, so need time to spare:)


  2. I know, Keats. It's not healthy to spend too much time on the computer!


  3. With me being almost 1000 miles from my family, I got into FB to keep in touch with them. I only have 26 “friends” 90% of which are relatives. I check it 3 or 4 times a day. I post on it, maybe, every other day, but I comment on other posts everyday.

    I do text as ewll. It all helps keep me a part of their lives.


  4. what a great way to stay in touch, Kathy. I've reconnected with college pals, and my grandchildren are on Facebook as well. thanks for answering!


  5. I use FB very little, I mostly use it for stalking purposes! In the nicest possible way of course! lol


  6. Nice stalking is lots of fun, lady Banana! LOL!


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