Fake Alligator Shooting Shocks Owner of Lawn… | Gather

Fake Alligator Shooting Shocks Owner of Lawn… | Gather

So this guy in Independence, Missouri bought himself a fake alligator, just to keep children away from his pond.
Police got a report of an alligator on the bank of a pond.
The police came to the scene, got an okay from a conservation officer, and shot the alligator.
The alligator’s okay, of course.
Lucky it wasn’t real!

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  1. Oh dear, that is funny. It must have been very life like….love your banner pic – so restful and the colours are stunning.


  2. I saw that on the news. Too funny. Guess it worked too well.


  3. Thanks so much, Lilly! I guess the alligator is lifelike πŸ™‚


  4. Kathy, this story made me chuckle also.


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