Elvis Presley Milton Berle Show 5 Jun 1956: Hound Dog

My personal message to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
What a sleeze bucket.

Yeah, I know I spelled sleaze wrong, two e’s make it ickier!

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  1. Hound Dog is right! I suggest “My Give a Damn is Busted”-Jo dee Messina.

    I always enjoy your music choices.


  2. I love it! Thanks Kathy!


  3. Oh its gawd awful really. And the worst thing is that people blame Maria for it all. WTF? Yes when the people we love and have been with for years tell us what we think is the truth somehow its our fault. How bad can telling the truth be when you know its going to have an horrific impact on your family? That pisses me off big time. And yes he is a sleeeeeeeeeeeze alright. I am with you Beth! But will it affect him, NO.


  4. You are so right, Lilly! Glad we agree on this one 🙂


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