Aftermath – Looking for Lisa Stone

Aftermath – Looking for Lisa Stone

I just happened to watch the television show 48 Hours, and the story was The Facebook Detectives: Looking for Lisa Stone. Lisa was last seen in Dallas, Texas on June 5, 2010.

Just suppose that someone you loved/cared about simply disappeared one day.

What would you do?

Three of Lisa Stone’s friends have taken the search for their friend to the media and social websites. They have a Facebook page, Looking for Lisa Stone, a blog, and  @looking4lisa on Twitter.

Lisa’s friends have also taken evidence to the Dallas police department, and the police are looking at Lisa’s ex partner as a “person of interest.” This ex is loudly proclaiming her innocence (details in the CBS link), but I’m not going to get too involved in that part of the story. I’m not interested in speculating on who’s to blame, I just want to know what happened.

I never met Lisa Stone, her ex, I don’t know her friends, and have never been to Dallas. Maybe Lisa did decide to walk away from her life and start over. Maybe, like her ex believes, she got caught up in the life of a drug addict and is on the street somewhere, lost to her addiction. But her friends do not believe that Lisa,  who was also a die hard Facebook addict, would suddenly stop posting one day and vanish.

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Here are the facts, from the CBS website:

“DALLAS – On a chilly night in Dallas, friends Tina Wiley, Tammye Markle and Joni Shannon are out trying to solve a mystery. They are looking for clues at the home of their old friend, Lisa Stone, who vanished without a trace last spring.
“For her to go missing for even one day is highly unusual and abnormal,” Tammye tells “48 Hours Mystery” correspondent Maureen Maher. “We had to take matters into our own hands at that point… Somebody had to look for Lisa.”
Lisa, 51, was last seen alive near her home in a Dallas suburb on June 5, 2010.
The search has taken her friends down memory lane… all the way to back to high school, where in the late 1970s, Lisa was a sexy, high-kicking cowgirl with the Mesquite High drill team.
The old friends had first gotten back together at a school reunion in 2009, where they reminisced about old times.”
What happened to Lisa Stone?
Someone has to know something.

**John Walsh, on AMW, has profiled Lisa’s disappearance.

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  1. good luck , Sherlock!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

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  2. It would be horrible to have a friend disappear.


  3. Thanks, Cloudia. I've got my sleuthing costume on ):


  4. I agree, Teena. Lisa's friends have had their lives turned upside down, but they are working hard to find out what happened to their friend.


  5. I hope they find her.


  6. me too, Mami,me too.


  7. That is sad, I hope they find her. I recall there was a blogger that disappeared just like that and they turned her blog inside out looking for evidence. There was none, she just vanished and no-one knew what happened to her. Its kind of horrible for people who are left wondering …sometimes a lifetime. Let us know sherlock if you turn up anything..


  8. Lilly, thanks, there's a whole Facebook group trying to help her friends. I left the group because there were too many negative comments between members of the group.


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