Gran’s New Facebook Group

The Huffington Post Boycott.

It’s an open group if you care to join.

Here’s the description of my group:

“The Huffington Post, created in 2005 by Arianna Huffington, was an alternative news website utilizing unpaid writers. Arianna still refuses to pay nearly all of her writers, despite getting a $315 million windfall by selling HUFFPO to corporate media giant AOL. Please boycott The Huffington Post for exploiting writers, and for allowing AOL control of its news content. “

I’ve had problems posting on Blogger this afternoon!

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  1. I wasn't aware of this until just now.


  2. I wasn't either, Teena, until last week.


  3. Why don't the writers just stop writing!?


  4. Many of them have, Lady Banana, but they were also promised a payday when/if HuffPo got established. HuffPo was an unknown, an alternative to the big news conglomerates.


  5. Oh, I want to read more about this.


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