How do you pamper yourself?

GranPhoto March 2011
I drink two cups of coffee every morning to get my buzz on.
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But most nights, before bed, I drink a cup of tea, usually in a coffee mug.
But lately, I’ve been thinking about drinking my tea in a china cup that has a saucer.
Do you remember tea cups?
I’ve been thinking about buying myself a real teacup for some time.
Yesterday, I set out to find myself one cup with a matching saucer.
And I decided that I wanted a new cup with saucer, so going to any secondhand store was out of the question.
I tried Target first, and had no luck.
Mugs were everywhere, but no tea cups with matching saucers.
On my way home, I checked in at the Northgate Ross store, and found the teacup and saucer shown above. 
It was the only one on the store, and available for the amazing price of $4.99 plus tax.
Last night I drank peppermint tea, tonight decaf black tea (Lipton, of course).
Sipping tea out of this delicate cup, then placing it back on the saucer, makes me feel so special.
I don’t know, I kind of feel like the Queen Mother or someone else in British royalty, maybe Queen Anne or Princess Margaret.
I’ve never been fond of Queen Elizabeth, for some reason.
Drinking my nightly tea of the darn cup shown above makes me feel so good, like I’m pampering myself
So I hope you do something to pamper yourself, as soon as you can.
Something that makes you feel special, good about yourself.
Something that’s different from your usual routine or ways to treat yourself (I’m talking about healthy ways, not like eating a box of cookies, running naked through your neighborhood, or charging lots of crap on your credit card). 
You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either, although I’ve thought of ways to indulge myself that cost more than this teacup (e.g., a weekend in a fancy hotel, a new laptop, etc.).
And, if you don’t mind, come back to this post and let me know what you did to pamper yourself. 
Post anonymously if you wish, but remember to be kind, okay?

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  1. When you drink the tea from your new cup I hope you remember to curl your little finger, really posh style! lol

    I went to an old fashioned tea shop a while ago and they had cups like yours and it is fun to drink from them, but I find them too small for home use!

    As for pampering myself.. hmmm.. need to think of something, I deserve a little pampering, just not sure what yet! lol


  2. I'll remember the pinky, Lady Banana! And I want to hear how you are going to pamper yourself–you do deserve it!


  3. I pamper myself by going to the spa for a massage and pedicure … yes!


  4. such a great way to treat yourself, Teena!


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