Comfort Spiral: Then It’s OK

Comfort Spiral: Then It’s OK

Hop on over to Comfort Spiral and read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, the oh so talented Cloudia.

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  1. Hello Gran!
    I dropped by to thank you for visiting my blog and to catch up on one or two posts here that I've missed. I see you've left a message in the stone box and now I shall have to visit your community and Comfort Spiral.
    I have a friend in the village who has Type 2 diabetes and he has really tried to make changes too to his life. He cycles for miles now twice a day and walks every afternoon. I asked him why he was doing so much exercise and he said it was to help take his mind off all the food he really wanted to eat but couldn't It can't be easy for you at times but I wish you well and keep perservering with the yoga 🙂


  2. That picture is amazing. Thanks for the link, I'm going there right now.


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