Kuwait restaurant sues blogger for bad review – The National

Kuwait restaurant sues blogger for bad review – The National

Benihana restaurant is suing a popular blogger from Kuwait.

Hold onto your hats, folks.

The blogger posted a less than favorable review:

He said in a post that service “wasn’t too bad for a restaurant that’s been open for a few days and the staff were really friendly”. He then gave an unfavourable assessment of his meal, and summarised: “Would I go back to Benihana? No, I wouldn’t.

The company’s general manager in Kuwait, Mike Servo, in a comment posted on Mr Makhou’s post, claimed that Benihana’s name has been “destroyed and abused” by the blog. He said the blog advised customers to go to other restaurants instead of Benihana “and we believe this is against the law of Kuwait”. 



Well, there’s a Benihana here in Seattle, but I won’t be going to that restaurant.

Cool your jets, Benihana, and hold off on the lawyer, at least for now.

I just don’t care for Japanese food.

So sue me.

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  1. More than food for thought. Do they really want to sue?? That's an awfully bad start for the restaurant.


  2. That's what I'm thinking, Keats!


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