debs-daydreams in the shed: The Cake Tree

debs-daydreams in the shed: The Cake Tree

My blogging spirit is still kind of weak, so I’m going to share some of my favorite blogs with you.
Today I would like you to read about the cake tree.
Debs Carr is a writer living in the Channel Islands.
I think you will enjoy reading about the cake tree.

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  1. Thanks for the link. It's a pity what happened to her tree, isn't it?

    Greetings from London.


  2. Thank you for linking to my blog, Gran. I'm glad you enjoy it. Thanks too for the other links, I'll enjoy visiting those blogs.x


  3. You are welcome, Debs. Have a great week!


  4. ACIL, it is, yes. I just love trees.


  5. Gran, thanks for following my blog! I'll follow yours too!


  6. Thanks, Linda!


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