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Anti-government protests continue in Egypt

I’m thinking of my Dad a lot in the last few days. Dad expressed his amazement to me, in 1998, about how fast news was delivered, compared to when he was a boy and young man. Dad, you would not believe the speed now.

pajama day

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Laundry, music, coffee, computer.

A day to relax after a tough week at work.

Why I’ve been away

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Sorry I’ve not been visiting, and commenting on, your blogs.

And I’ve not been consistently participating in A River of Stones.

You see, I’ve had the plague.

Okay, I’ve have not had the plague, it just seems like the plague.

My doctor tells me it could have been a stomach bug (we’ve had a vicious one circulating in Seattle), or food poisoning (as my son tells me, if it was food poisoning, that’s what I get for eating lunch in Tukwila).

Anyhoo, no matter what you call it, I’ve not felt well for about three weeks now.

I’m on the upswing, working everyday, just getting back to the gym, but still not 100%

So I will be limping around to your blogs, as I can, in the spirit of reciprocity, starting today (and in between my household chores, which I’ve been neglecting).

Hope you are all doing well.

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early morning

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3:30 a.m.
the ticking clock shatters the quiet of my studio apartment
a talk radio station warns me the end is near
the steady drip of rain on my balcony comforts me and I take a few deep breaths
I’m calm, rested, and wide awake

Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now

Love this song!

Hope you all make today a bright sunshiny day, no matter what kind of weather you are experiencing!


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sleeping in until almost 9 a.m.
an extra cup of coffee sipped, not gulped.
scrambled eggs, toast, and a bright orange Clementine


I’m off to work each morning, and busy all day.
In my free time, I’m at the gym, taking long walks, exercising at home.
Spending less time at the ‘puter.
Trying to stay healthy during a stressful time.
Later, dudes.


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sleep was restful, not hampered by dreams
breathing is slower, calm and even
problems are addressed in a laid-back manner
three days to rest, pause, reflect, have worked their magic

Martin Luther King Day: 10 memorable MLK quotes – ‘Hate cannot drive out hate’ –

Martin Luther King Day: 10 memorable MLK quotes – ‘Hate cannot drive out hate’ –

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rain redux

steady dripping



it’s Seattle

business as usual

nobody stays home when it rains

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