River of Stones

In an attempt to break free of my fall/winter slump, I’ve decided to participate in River of Stones.

Many thanks to D.J. Kirby for this nudge.

Here’s the blurb explaining what River of Stones be:

“Hello – I’m taking part in a new project starting on January the 1st and I thought you might like to join me. In an attempt to pay more attention, I will be noticing one thing properly every day (a bird eating berries, a child playing in the street) and writing it down. People from across the world will be joining me and we’ll be creating a ‘river’ of these short pieces of writing.

You can write them down in a notebook or on a blog – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve done any writing before or not. The purpose of the project is to help us to pay attention, and to start the year as we mean to go on.”

Join me, if you wish!

I bought the spiral-bound ruled index cards at QFC today, when I went to buy my Texas grapefruit. This little notebook will fit nicely into my purse. 

I’m a bit nervous about this challenge.

Paying attention, while I’m out in the world, oh my gosh! 

Can I do this?

We’ll see, won’t we?

I’m going to do a test run tomorrow, my first day back to work since last Thursday.

Hopefully I will give you all an update tomorrow night.

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  1. I always fancy doing something like this but can never maintain it. One year I was determined to do a photo a day but it didn't last long.


  2. Lady Banana, this is a personal challenge I've issued to myself 🙂 Ha! We will see.


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