How do you feel about homemade soups?

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, I did lots of research on food, mainly healthy recipes.

Many sites regarding diabetes recommended eating homemade soup, as a way to control appetite and eat a hot and healthy meal.

I started out eating canned soups, but soon got into the habit of making my own soup. Now I keep at least one type of soup in the freezer. When combined with a fresh green salad, a bowl of soup (about one cup) makes a fast and healthy meal for me when I get home from work.

I read Angie’s Healthy Living blog all the time–she’s got some super recipes.

Angie’s recipe for slow cooker chicken broth, linked above, is my starting point.

I’m not a great fan of dark chicken meat, except in soups.

Angie’s slow cooker chicken broth makes an excellent soup starter, and I’m making a pot of soup for today, for the week.

I usually add whatever vegetables I have on hand.  Today I added one fresh tomato, onion, mushrooms, celery, carrots, brown rice (which I also cook ahead and keep in the freezer) and some frozen corn.

Oh yes,I also add lots of fresh garlic to every soup I make!

**Forgot to mention that I usually add a fresh Jalapeno to my soups–gives my soups some flavor with using salt. I did not have any today, so this pot o’ soup doesn’t have the usual kick that my creations have!

I also make beef soup from scratch, and once in a while make a nice hearty lentil soup (my family will tell you that I’m not a big fan of legumes (but I’m trying).

I still tend to make too much of everything, especially with soups, because I just keep throwing stuff in he pot. 

These soups freeze very well.

And there’s one more thing–these soups are really cheap to make!

Do you make any homemade soups? 

What kinds do you make?

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  1. I bet your house smells great when that soup is simmering. It looks delicious.

    I actually asked for a slow cooker for the holidays this year. I haven't had one in years and have seen so many great looking recipes (like this broth) that I'm hoping to get one again. Soup's a favorite around here.

    Cheers, jj


  2. I love my slow cooker, Joanna! The house smells so great when I'm making soup 🙂


  3. I picked up a recipe card at the supermarket this weekend. It was for meatball soup which looked good, I followed the recipe to the letter but it was a bit dull tasting..


  4. I've had that happen with soup recipes also, Lady Banana. That's why I buy jalapeno's 🙂


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