Are you shopping on Black Friday?

I’m not doing any Christmas shopping today.

Too many people!

In the United States, Black Friday has historically been the start of the Christmas shopping season; this year, many stores were open on Thanksgiving Day. Many people get their Christmas shopping done today.

Too intense for me.

If you are shopping today, I wish you good luck–it sounds like there are lots of flat screen televisions for sale.

Seattle shoppers are enjoying clear roads and higher temperatures today, so I’m sure the area stores are packed with eager bargain hunters.

Be safe out there if you are braving the crowds today!

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  1. I don't blame you for not venturing out to the shops, it sounds like mayhem. I work near our town and although we don't have a 'Black Friday' the New Year Sales are a nightmare and I stay well away from them.


  2. Smart move, Debs! Thanks for the comment!


  3. I've done most of my shopping on Amazon, nice and easy and very un-stressful!


  4. Lady Banana, that's a great idea!


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