Snow watch

Photo taken by Gran 12/15/2008.

I’m on snow watch today and tomorrow.

A few flakes of snow means “storm watch” in the metro Seattle area.

Our last big storm was December 2008, when the Seattle mayor Greg Nickels refused to use salt on the area roads during the snow storm. Heck, he hadn’t ordered salt, because it’s bad for the environment. And it rarely snows in Seattle, right? Well, it snowed in December 2008, and  Greg Nickels brought the city of Seattle to a screeching halt.

The roads in Seattle were covered with huge blocks of ice; Seattle metro buses rocked back and forth through the Seattle streets slowly, filled with angry commuters like myself. Many bus routes were canceled, because the buses could not get up and down the icy hills.  I was lucky, because I could actually get to and from work. Lots of Seattle workers could not make it to work. Many people I worked with walked miles to and from work. It was a huge mess.

Fast forward to the present. Greg Nickels is no longer the Seattle mayor; our new mayor, Mike McGinn has a solid plan to manage the snow, should we get hit again.

And I’m on snow watch today, ready with my camera to catch any flakes that decide to show up!

11:30 a.m. It’s snowing! Unfortunately, not hard enough to show up on my camera! Ha! I’ve become such a Seattle-ite! My last year in New York, 1999-2000, I lived near Lake Ontario and the snow covered my car! Am I a snow wuss now? You bet!

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