Clocks back

Photo taken at 9:15 this morning.

It’s finally here.

Starting Monday night, I will be leaving work in the dark.

Here in Seattle, it’s raining and dark.

I’m wearing my flannel jammies, drinking Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee, and listening to soft rock thanks to In Demand.

I’m cozy and warm, and will not venture outside until late morning or early afternoon.

Life is good.

And may you all have a wonderful Saturday.

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  1. Oh I know it.. seems like we dread it every year. I like the extra sleep but sure hate the early evenings..Sorry it's dark and cold there.. sunny here and 27 this morning!! Brrrrr


  2. We put our clocks back last weekend and now it's dark about 4.30pm.. Don't really like that but that's the way it is..


  3. Caroldee, 27 is cold.I'm looking at winter coats, as the weather guru's are predicting a very cold winter. Like you, I'm happy for the extra hour of sleep tho!


  4. Lady Banana, you said it! Winter's coming 🙂


  5. Thanks, Mami. Will do. I'm about to settle in for a little nap 🙂


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