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I mentioned before that I’m 61 years old.

Unfortunately, my knees are about 161 years old.

I will need knee replacement surgery, on both knees, someday.

My knees ache when the seasons change, and this week I’ve been exercising less because my knees hurt so badly.

But as a person who has become a “glass is half full gal,” I want to tell you right now that there is an upside to the discomfort I’m feeling this week.

In the past, I’ve had to take off work, be on prescription medication for a few weeks, and be generally impossible to live with until the pain lets up.

This year, thanks to losing weight and exercising regularly, I’m using Ibuprofen (not every night) and my heating pain to control the discomfort.

I’ve not lost any time from work due to my arthritic knees.


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  1. Outstanding!!!! That's great news. Congratulation.
    xo jj


  2. Well you are making lemonade of the lemons you've been handed by life. 🙂 That's a great post. Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings from London.


  3. That's good news, keep fit, healthy and as active as you can. As they say, use it or lose it!


  4. Way to look at the bright side. I'm sorry you are still in pain, but I am proud of you for getting yourself to a better place.


  5. Stay with it – you're doing great with your regime to keep as fit as possible.


  6. Darn, sorry to hear about knee issues. Keep up the good work as you continue down the healthy path! Hope you can ward off those surgeries as long as possible.


  7. keep up the exercising…it will help you to recover quicker when you do have your surgery.i love your posts.


  8. @Joanna Jenkins: Thanks a lot!

    @kelly: I appreciate your comment. thanks for reading.

    @aerie-el:me too, not a big fan of surgery 🙂

    @keats staying motivated is key, I think!

    @mami, it's a good place to be right now!

    @Lady Banana, yeah that's so true. The pain is much worse when I don't exercise.

    @Cuban in London, thanks for the visit and the comment.


  9. Although I'm in my 40s, my knees are giving me problems too. I would have to follow your advice, exercise and lose weight. 🙂


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