Down on My Knees Begging for Grace.

Down on My Knees Begging for Grace.

Please take a moment to read this wonderful post at Confabulicious.
After reading this amazing post, I’m no longer upset about my paperback book that never came.
Thanks for the reminder, Confabulicious.

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  1. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for recomendation and the link over to my site. I love your new header. Where is that in Seattle? I need to come see it when I visit there.


    Kim Bauer


  2. Thank you, Kim. It's down along the Seattle waterfront, I think it's Alaskan Way. There's stretch of 1-2 miles along the waterfront with hotels, restaurants and docks where the big cruise ships depart. I took one day in 2009 and just walked. It was terrific, and I need to go again someday.


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