Gran photo, 2009, view from my balcony.

I got home from work last night, after having almost a week off from work, and felt like I had been digging ditches all day.

After eating dinner, I made a momentous decision: No exercise for me, I was just too tired.

I shut down my laptop, took a hot shower, then settled in with a movie.

It was lights out for me by 9:10 p.m.

And I was “up and at ’em” before 6 this morning, restored and raring to go.

May you all have a pleasant Thursday.

It’s cool in Seattle today, no rain, but I will need a jacket as I head out to work.


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  1. HI.. hope you can get back in the groove soon. I know when my sugars are low.. I feel like the biggest snail in the universe. This week has been so long.. I hope it gets better by the weekend. COOL here for a change.. no more 90's.
    Hang in there Weekend is upon us!


  2. Hi Carol! I've been exercising pretty hard these days, and I think it finally caught up with me 🙂
    Feeling much better tonight, getting ready to exercise soon. Hope you are feeling better!


  3. Wish our skies actually looked like that this week. But my plants did enjoy the rain, so I guess it could be considered “good weather”.
    Enjoy the rest of the work week (one more day, right?) and then the weekend!


  4. Rain is good sometimes, Aerie-el! Have a great weekend, and thanks!


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