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Remember the missing book?

Amazon declared the book missing in action.
So today I asked for, and got, a refund.
Then I got home from work and was informed that I had a package at the rental office.
It could have only been one item.
So I called, paid for the item (again), and opened my book.
Holey moley.
The delivery from h-e-double toothpicks.
I’m still going to resist buying from amazon for awhile.
No more “free” deliveries for me!

Humid night

The humidity is 94 degrees tonight!

This is very strange for Seattle!

ALA | Banned Books Week

ALA | Banned Books Week
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Why should you read a banned book?
Why not?

Look, what’s wrong with trying out new points of view once in a while?

Writers take a lot of time crafting their stories, fact or fiction.

You don’t have to agree, in fact you are free to slam any book down and declare it to be a load of rubbish.

But it’s our right to choose what we read, when we read, how we read (in the bathtub, on the beach, in bed, while eating a meal, standing on a commuter bus).

Reading is a freedom.

Don’t let anyone what you take your freedom away.

Read a banned book.

Or any book, for that matter!

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Down on My Knees Begging for Grace.

Down on My Knees Begging for Grace.

Please take a moment to read this wonderful post at Confabulicious.
After reading this amazing post, I’m no longer upset about my paperback book that never came.
Thanks for the reminder, Confabulicious.

Saying goodbye, for now, to

I’ve been a fan of for years.
In the past ten years,  I’ve spent a few thousand dollars buying everything from vacuum cleaner belts to Christmas gifts for my family on I’ve ordered things online, and my items have been delivered in a timely fashion, usually by UPS. My apartment office accepts packages, which I find helpful, since I work weekdays, and am usually gone from 6:00 a.m to 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.
And during that time, I’ve only had one item get lost–one of the Harry Potter books never made it to my door as promised. I’ve always assumed the UPS driver took the book home to his/fer family. made it good, I got a free book because mine was not delivered as promised on its release date.
Before going to college in my mid-forties, I worked in restaurants and retails stores, and I was trained that customer service is key. With a few exceptions, anything a business sells can be obtained multiple places, whether the product is a hamburger or a book. So businesses have to provide excellent customer service to keep operating. I’ve watched many businesses neglect customer service over the years (Radio Shack has the worst customer service on the plant, in my experience). I’ve always admired’s commitment to excellent customer service.
Until yesterday. 
Last week, while ordering something from amazon, I was offered a free month of amazon prime. Amazon describes prime as “a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited fast shipping, such as FREE Two-Day shipping and One-day shipping for $3.99 …”

I’ve been offered a free prime trial before, but I finally figured what the hey, let’s give this a go and see what happens. Christmas is coming and all that jazz.
A few days ago, I ordered a mass market paperback to use in my work, and was pleased to note I got the 2 day free shipping option.
Cool beans.
So I ordered my book and waited for my treasure to show up.
Thursday night, I got home from work to find two voice mails on my home phone, placed at 3:32 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. (remember, I was at work). A panicky voice  implored me to come downstairs and pick up my package.
I was not home!
Yesterday, I came home early because I was not feeling well, and this same delivery person called me at 4:24 p.m. He was five minutes away from my address. I assured him I would be right downstairs to get my package.
Within three minutes, I was in the lobby of my apartment building, watching and waiting.
I watched and waited for 18 minutes.
No delivery guy.
I checked the other entrance to my apartment building, where nobody delivers anything, and no delivery guy there either.
I got back to my apartment to find two more voice mails from this guy, asking me where the heck I was, he was at my door and where was I?
Things went downhill from there when I called him, told him I had been at my door. English not being the delivery person’s mother tongue, and me being tired and out of sorts did not help this situation. I decided right then and there that I’d had enough, and refused to go back downstairs. I called Amazon and gave them hell, and was told they would attempt to deliver again Saturday, was that convenient?
Hell no, that’s not convenient, I told the customer service dude. I have things to do on my day off, and will not wait around all day. I asked to cancel my order, and was told I could not do so. If the item is not deliverable after the third attempt….yadda yadda yadda.
I slammed down the telephone and walked over the Target to get a few items I needed.
When I got back home, there was another voice mail from the delivery dude. “Hey, Miss Beth, I have your book.”
It appears that amazon is using Dynamex, a same-day delivery service.
I don’t have my book.
Will this stellar delivery service attempt to deliver again today?
Who knows.
If I’m home and they call, I will try again to meet the delivery person and get my book.
But I’m not waiting around all day.
So,, here’s where you and I will part ways for awhile.
This delivery may not have cost me anything in dollars, but the aggravation of this situation is way too expensive to my piece of mind.
I can walk over to my local Barnes & Noble and have my book in 5 minutes.
Anything sells I can get someplace else.
And hey, I know that will be just fine without my business.
But as a consumer, I can choose what and where I spend the money I make.
And I can let other consumers know about my experience.
Just writing down this experience has helped me a lot.
And now, I’m off to run errands.
I still need that book for my work.
At least for now.


Castle is a fun television show that’s on ABC every Monday night at 10:00 p.m.

As a middle-aged television viewer who works full time, I find 10:00 p.m. on Monday night a bit inconvenient.

Photo credit.

Hey, I need my rest.

When the third season of Castle premiered Monday night, I was snug in my bed, snoring away.

Thank goodness for my laptop.

Tonight I watched “A Deadly Affair” on ABC online, and as usual, Castle was a hoot and a half.

So here’s the deal.

Castle (dude) is a mystery writer, played by Nathan Fillion.

Beckett (dudette) is a homicide detective (actress Stana Katic).

Thanks to a high political official (I think it was the mayor), Castle helps Beckett and her team solve murders.

And yes, there is sexual tension (tastefully done) between Castle and Beckett.

Rounding out the cast are Castle’s mother and daughter (Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn), two detectives who work for Beckett (Seamus Deaver and (Jon Huertas)  , Beckett’s boss (Reuben Santiago-Hudson), and the medical examiner (Tamala Jones). There are a few other characters that show up from time to time, but that’s the ongoing crew of Castle.

Besides the Castle-Beckett flirt fest that occurs every week, I think there are a number of other reasons why this is such an entertaining television show.

  • Interesting mysteries to solve every week, some weeks better than others. In the episode tonight, one needed to figure out what a sculptor, a chemistry teacher, and an ex-con who owned a vending machine company had in common. I didn’t figure it out, and I LOVE when that happens.
  • Snappy dialogue that makes me laugh.
  • Characters that are interesting, at times a bit unbelievable (again, I like this, I don’t want to watch a story about regular people, I’m awash in reality every day).
  • The appearance of real life authors that writer Castle hangs out with (James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell).
I also have to fess up that I would never have started watching Castle if my granddaughter Neve hadn’t talked me into it!
Thanks Neve, you were right about this program. 
It’s cool and fun.
So it’s not Shakespeare, it’s not even Masterpiece Theater, but Castle makes me laugh after a hard day of work.
And there’s nothing wrong with that!
And now I have to go, because there’s a new Ghost Hunters episode tonight on syfy.

Fall evening

7:15 p.m. this evening


I love fall, the coolness of the air, the leaves falling, and the rain.

Yeah, I’m weird.

But the darkness makes me feel claustrophobic, like I’m locked in a closet.

Have you noticed I’m whiny tonight?

I’m tired and cranky.

I’m propped on my bed, watching the premiere of House on FOX .

I don’t usually watch House, but it seems like a good thing to do, since I don’t feel like doing anything else.

It’s actually a racy episode of House.

Is it always like this?

New season of television

I limit myself to a few television shows, otherwise I would never leave my chair!

So here’s the lineup for Gran this week:

Monday:   Castle

Tuesday:  NCIS
               NCIS Los Angeles

Thursday: Bones

I will be blogging my reviews throughout the week.

It may take me some time to get the Fringe review up, because I may not understand it right away 🙂

And now I need to get out and buy some tomatoes, because I’m almost out.

No tomatoes in my refrigerator = an emergency.

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Happy Sunday to all!

Goodbye to "The Closer" until December

I’m no expert on television, but I know what I like.
And what I don’t like!
But I’ve been a t.v. addict since Captain Kangaroo was feeding Bunny Rabbit carrots, so my opinion has to count for something, right?
At least to me, anyway.
So I’m going to tell you all what I think without giving away details; I’m no spoil sport.
Season 6 of “The Closer” ended Monday night with episode 10, “Executive Order.” 
{ has the recap, if you want to find out what happened. I can’t get the link to work on Blogger; I’ll spell it out below};summary
Hokey smoke, Batman, I love this show.
I love that Brenda gets wrapped up in solving murders and neglects her husband.
I love that Brenda drives everyone around her absolutely and completely batty with her quirks, her questions, and her southern charm that is dripping with sarcasm.
I love that Brenda’s parents drive everyone crazy too.
I love Brenda’s team, especially when they screw things up.
And I love that Brenda is always (?) right. 
Isn’t she always right? 
Seems like it to me.
But most of all, I love it that  Brenda passed out Ding Dongs to everyone once the case was solved in episode 10.
You’ve got to trust a female chief of detectives who lives for sugar.
Seriously, I love this show because the characters are bright, funny, and human  (not a Joe Friday in the bunch). 
The cases each week are interesting, not too easy to solve but not too hard either.
But the real joy of this show is the way the characters interact with each other, their disagreements and laughs. 
It’s real, at least to me, that people who work together for so many hours every day drive each other insane on a regular basis.
So I’ll just wait around until December for a new episode of “The Closer,” and hopefully Brenda will continue to solve crimes and be a pain to all around her!
Next on my list of shows to watch is Castle,  premiering Monday (9/20/10).
Holy moley, it starts at 10 p.m.
Hope I can stay up long enough to watch this show.
If not,I’ll catch it online.
If you’ve read this far, thanks.

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be still my beating heart

I’m all excited.
Well–it’s the weekend.
It’s been a challenging week for this grand-maw, but now it’s time for two days off.
I’m going to read and comment on some blogs, work on my memoirs (more to come on THAT issue), get my hair cut, and read a few books.
My favorite television shows start up again next week, so get ready to hear what I think about the new season. Or ignore them, if you wish

{Did a spot of editing there}.

And now, I’m going to take a bubble bath.
C-ya around ye old Internet.
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